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Green Hummus

homemade spinach hummus - bonjourHan.com

Ok, I realize that a plate of unidentified green stuff may not look especially appetizing. But this spinach hummus is so delicious and flavorful and healthy on a pita, crackers, pita chips, carrots, a spoon…

I actually followed the recipe exactly (I KNOW. I’m as surprised as you are.), so click here to see the original recipe. I sprinkled feta cheese on top of mine.

Stephen enjoyed it too, though he wasn’t raving about it like I was. Give it a chance. It doesn’t taste as weird as it might look. If crazy hummus isn’t really your thing though, check out my quick and easy plain hummus recipe.

chickpeas and oil - bonjourHan.com

spinach garbanzo oil - bonjourHan.com

green chickpeas blend - bonjourHan.com

hummus blend green - bonjourHan.com

spinach hummus closeup - bonjourHan.com

green spinach hummus - bonjourHan.com


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