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Many of you saw this on my Facebook a while back, but I thought I would just add it to the blog so everyone could see it. It’s kind of difficult for me to come up with ideas out of complete nothingness, but if you give me just a little something to work with, my gears will start rolling.

My good friend Sarah (Pieceful Joy blog) showed me this blog called New Dress a Day. I used to occasionally reconstruct clothing, but I was inspired to go do it again. I hit the local thrift store with $3, and this is what happened.

hideous outfit from thrift store

(Yes, I know this was taken in our old apartment… so it sometimes takes me a while to get around to posting these things. Click on the picture if you want a better look at the markings!)

With a sewing machine, some scissors and a seam ripper (not to mention a big imagination…), I ended up with this.
No shoulder pads, no sleeves, no collar, no shorts, and it fits just right.

altered dress from thrift store

I’ve got a couple other outfits in the queue… who knows how they will end up!


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Halloween is this weekend, and I’m looking forward to dressing up! The past two years I went as a black cat and an Indian (Stephen brought me back a beautiful outfit from India, along with tons of bangles that everyone thought I got at Urban Outfitters). This year, I’m going with a group of six people, and our costumes all go together! I sewed my costume out of two shirts from Goodwill, for a total of $4. The fake eyelashes I bought to go with it cost $2 more than that. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me back in kindergarten how to sew and be creative. 🙂

I’m currently trying to figure out how I can acquire a car within the next six months or so at the latest. It’s kind of daunting. I just now thought of a genius idea that could have earned me some money to put toward it, but of course, it’s too late. 🙂 I love making costumes, and if anyone remembers the Human Torch costume I made Halloween of 2007 for John, it won two costume contests. Of course, part of it was his amazing makeup job, but the whole thing was just so much fun! Anyway, this is all just a massive lament of a moneymaking opportunity that slipped delicately through my oblivious fingers.

(I took this last one from someone’s Facebook…)


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