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Baby Lightning

His nickname had been “Baby Lightning” for months and months. Then, after a mere 4 hours of labor + pushing, he popped out ready to join the world 5 days early. Meet Baby Lightning!

newborn 3 days old

He’s almost 3 weeks old now and we love him to pieces.

baby 3 weeks

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to post more recipes, but for now we’re adjusting to life with this fun little guy.


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Pregnancy week 27

Being pregnant is like going on a diet with specific things you can’t eat for a really long time… except instead of getting thinner, you get FATTER. Basically what I’m trying to say is, as soon as I have this baby, I’m getting some raw sushi, raw oysters, and tons of moldy cheese like gorgonzola and bleu cheese. And maybe a big pile of lunch meat to top it all off.

The last time I posted about pregnancy was on week 17. Oops. At least now I actually have a legitimate belly bump to show for it!

I’m breathing down the neck of the third trimester, and that’s just weird to think about. We still haven’t picked a name for him (it’s a boy, in case you missed it). Here’s the same quiz I did at 17 weeks to see what has changed:

How far along?  27 weeks, day 2
Total weight gain/loss?  More than last time I did this quiz, I’ll say that…
Maternity clothes?  Yes, finally. Most of my shirts are too short now, and my regular jeans are long past the fitting point.
Stretch marks? Not yet!
Sleep?  I’ve never had a problem sleeping. It’s getting to bed that’s the issue…
Best moment last week? He poked some body part up and kept it there for a while. I actually got to feel the hard spot on my belly for a few seconds before he moved again.
Movement? Lots, especially while I’m sitting at my desk at work.
Food cravings?  Unfortunately I haven’t had any legitimate cravings yet. Stephen wishes I would have some weird craving just for the comedic value, and I’m sad to say I’ve let him down thus far.
Gender? Boy!
Labor signs? Nope
What I miss: Regular exercise! Oh, and raw seafood and moldy cheese…
What I am looking forward to: Hitting the 3rd Trimester mark next week

I’ve been really bad about remembering to take pictures. There’s pretty much a huge gap between approximately the 14-week mark and the 25-week mark that remains an undocumented cavern of picturelessness. Oh well. This is somewhere between 25 and 26 weeks:

Pregnancy week 25-26

Week 27:

Pregnancy week 27

I’m feeling quite large and unwieldy, and I can’t imagine getting ANY bigger. I know all you ladies who have had children are laughing at me right now, but I feel like a whale. But I know my stomach is going to get a whole lot bigger before that baby ever comes out of it, so I’m sure I’ll look back at this post and wonder how I ever thought I was already huge. We shall see.

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It’s a…

gender reveal it's a...

Well wouldn’t you like to know. 😉

We found out the gender of our baby on Dec. 22. We got to see one set of parents on Dec. 23, and the other set of parents on Dec 24. We also mailed the news to our grandparents, and we did the same thing for all of them. Here’s what we did:

We placed the above “It’s a…” photo and a sealed envelope inside of a bigger envelope. When they opened the big envelope – OH, THE SUSPENSE! – they only saw the “It’s a…” photo, and they had to open yet another envelope to see the actual news. Because I’m delightfully mean like that.

Oh, you want to know the gender too?







(See what I did there? I told you I’m mean.)

It’s a…




baby gender it's a boy

The lighting/coloring of these pictures looks really weird on the blog, but there you have it. We’re having a boy! And because it’s a boy, we now have to come up with a name (we had our girl name all picked out). We’re so excited to finally know, and we get to call him a HIM now instead of an “it”!

We had a good Christmas. 🙂

Fear not. We’ll be back to our regular programming of recipes eventually.

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I feel lame for not posting many recipes lately, but in addition to all the normal craziness, Stephen and I moved, so we’re still trying to get through the last few boxes. I’ve been cooking, just not posting. I’ll catch up one day!

So, I don’t want to be that annoying person who posts quizzes all the time, but I’ve got to keep people updated on Baby Lightning* somehow. 🙂

*This name came about in a very convoluted but fun way involving name tags and lightning bolts. Until we know if it’s a boy or girl, it will henceforth be known as Baby Lightning.

Stephen and Hannah distorted

How far along?  17 weeks, day 5
Total weight gain/loss?  As of 2 weeks ago, I had gained 4 lbs
Maternity clothes?  Maternity clothes are still way too big, but most of my pants have been too small for a while. I’m down to a pair of stretchy skinny jeans and some yoga pants.
Stretch marks? I haven’t done much stretching yet. 🙂
Sleep?  When I actually go to bed, I’ve been sleeping great! The only problem is getting to bed on time… which doesn’t happen often, so I haven’t exactly gotten a full night’s sleep in a while. 😦
Best moment last week? Baby-related? Nothing is really different between this week and last week.
Movement? Maybe? I’m still not sure yet.
Food cravings?  Nothing specific. I’ve been eating a lot of those little vine tomatoes, but that’s because they’re delicious and healthy. I just keep them on hand because I need to snack every now and then or I feel nauseous.
Gender? Don’t know yet
Labor signs? Haha no
What I miss: RUNNING. For a few months I couldn’t run because of ridiculous nausea, and now that I’ve been feeling a lot better, I don’t even get enough sleep as it is. I’m not going to cut that even shorter just to go running. The baby needs me to sleep! Hopefully I’ll get to start running again once the holiday craziness is over. 🙂
What I am looking forward to: Finding out if it’s a boy or girl later this month

So there you have it. A ridiculous filler post. If you pester me enough, I might get around to grabbing some cooking photos off my camera and posting a recipe.

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At the top of the Flatirons in Boulder, CO

I have come to a realization.

Dramatic pause.

If I only post recipes, I will rarely post. I cook almost every day, but I just don’t have the time to take pictures, type up the recipe, and format it for the blog as often as I would like. I would loooooove to post more frequently, but at the moment I’m just too busy to post more than once or twice a week. (But stay with me! I’ll still be posting lots of recipes! There will just be other things thrown in there too.)


From here on out, I will be posting about random other things besides just food, to add a little more “flavor.” I know. It’s lame. But I need to get back into the habit of posting more frequently.

Baby steps.

So here I am. We went to Colorado on vacation last week with my family.

After climbing a mountain in Colorado (no, seriously – we lost the trail, so then we just started going “up“- path or no path):

On top of one of the Flatirons

Me and my wonderful husband after horseback riding through the Rocky Mountains:

Stephen and I after horseback riding

So there you have it. A glimpse of me in the wilderness. Now it’s back to Texas humidity and triple-digit temperatures.

Stay tuned.

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